Growth - in every area of life - is
only real, sustainable, and solid
when it’s built on a foundation of
integrity and love. Everything else
is just a house of cards.

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Hi! We’re

Dush & Terra...

Business partners. Life partners. Friends. Soulmates.

We spend almost 24/7 together…and we love it!

From building a business together…to building a life…

…from working on passion projects…to working out in the evening…

…from cooking up new ideas…to cooking in the kitchen…

…from a chill night at home…to a hot date night on the town…

..we love building, creating, playing, and constantly growing together.

People often ask us how it works…

How can we spend all our time together and not get sick of each other, or end up at each other’s throats?

How does our business, relationship, or both not end up in a heaping pile of ashes?

Look, neither our relationship nor our business has been a straight line up and to the right.

There have been some dark days and intense challenges.

Ultimately, though, we’re successful as a couple and as business partners
because of a few core values we hold near and dear:


We laugh
together - a LOT!


We empower
and elevate
each other.


We're kind to
each other.


We grow

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The Net Momentum

Grow Your Online Sales

The Net Momentum helps you grow your online sales through affiliate marketing and management, funnel design, technical integrations, and copywriting.

With 50+ years of combined experience in online marketing, the team at The Net Momentum is dedicated to providing products and services that embody excellence, integrity, and innovation.

Excellerator Network

Grow Your Business

Part mastermind, part mentorship, part group coaching – and all growth!

Excellerator Network is dedicated to helping new to mid-stage entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth, while building excellence into everything they do.


Grow Your Courage, Confidence, And Inner Connection provides tools, training, inspiration, and a community designed to empower the REAL you inside.

If you’re feeling lost, alone, and disconnected, we’ll help you find the true path your soul wants to live, and support you as you shift out of the old patterns keeping you stuck. Reignite your soulfire, discover your purpose, and live with passion, joy, and fulfillment.

At, we believe it’s your time to shine.

Sunshine Casita

Grow Your Sense Of Peace
And Well-being

Need some sunshine, palm trees, and relaxation? Sunshine Casita is our rental property designed for traveling entrepreneurs, and other professionals, who are looking for a laid back, low-maintenance home for a few months.

Along with our sunny decor, the pool, hot tub, and fountains throughout the property will make you feel like you’re on vacation everyday!

Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Sunshine Casita condominium is your happy home away from home!

Affiliate Marketing MasterClass

Grow Your Expertise

A budget-friendly video course that shows new online entrepreneurs how to get affiliates to promote their products.

With 13+ hours of content, Affiliate Marketing MasterClass will take you from newbie to seasoned expert in how to get sales from affiliates, and how to keep them promoting your products for years to come.

This course is also a great fit for experienced online entrepreneurs who want to train a new affiliate manager.

Love Notes

Dush and Terra are that RARE combination of true smarts and even truer hearts.

Adam Gilad

Emmy-Nominated Executive Producer, Co-Founder of The Higher Game, and Founder of The Bold Life Men's Mastery Circles

Dear Dush and Terra, You guys have impressed us from the moment we met you at Underground Online Marketing Seminar.

Matt Choi and Eva Mak


If you are doing business on the web, you need to know Dush and Terra.

Craig Clemens

Co-founder, Golden Hippo