Love Notes

“Dush, Terra and the Net Momentum team have committed 110 percent of their time, effort, creativity and resources toward the successful growth of our affiliate network, systems to support that growth and funnels that maximize our revenue potential. Their Affiliate Management knowledge base is vast and backed by years of deep experience. They truly care and want to see us succeed.”

-Panache and Jan Desai, Founder and President of the Desai Companies and


"Dear Dush and Terra, You guys have impressed us from the moment we met you at Underground Online Marketing Seminar. Sure, you are two intelligent, accomplished professionals with a proven track record in the affiliate marketing world; but that wasn’t what set you apart in the industry. You stood out because of your authenticity, high level of integrity, and commitment to serving others. We value your honesty and open communication style and know that we can count on you to deliver on what you promised. As a team, you two complement each other so well with your different strengths that together, you are the complete package that’s so hard to find these days. You are partners we can trust and that’s why we love you!”

- Matt Choi and Eva Mak, Co-Founders,


"If you are doing business on the web, you need to know Dush and Terra. Their connections and insights have been instrumental to the growth of our business."

- Craig Clemens, Co-founder, Golden Hippo

"I may be a little biased here, but after many sushi dinners, amazing events, and business endeavors together spanning more than a decade, I just love Dush and Terra. Their combined knowledge, experience, and unique skill sets in the digital marketing world are at the highest level. And it is their kindness, caring, and passion for helping others that truly sets them apart. At a time when mediocrity and hyperbole are the new normal, I rarely make endorsements, but when I do, it's Dush and Terra... and perhaps a Dos Equis or two." 🙂

- Jimmy Sweeney, CEO/Founder

“ Dush and Terra are EXACTLY the people you want to partner with – they’re smart, they can deliver results, and they’re the rare ‘ethical’ marketers who are just hella good people! If you get the chance to work with Dush and Terra, they’ll treat you like family! That’s exactly what they did for us at Agora Financial.”

- Joe Schriefer, Publisher at Agora Financial

“Working with Terra & Dush for the past 10 years has been one of the most impactful relationships I have had in growing my business. They took me under their wing and coached me on how to grow my network ten-fold in a very short amount of time. I consider them personal friends, actually family. Their reputation is one of the best in the business because they give with no expectation.”

- Jeanette Sims, Co-Founder,

"My intention is to light 1,000 suns who can light another 1,000 suns. Dush and Terra are like a binary star system - they perfectly orbit each other but are two two distinct stars - both shining brightly to help make the business world a brighter place."

- Yanik Silver, founder, Maverick1000

"Dush and Terra have a reputation that proceeds them. One of remarkable integrity and fairness. Their family of team members is as incredible to work with as they are. If you have the opportunity to work with them I guarantee it will be a positive experience."

- James Guldan, Founder & CEO, Vision Tech Team

“Dush and Terra are that RARE combination of true smarts and even truer hearts. Working with them always feel like family. And the GOOD kind of family, not that kind you have to see on Thanksgiving who voted for you know who. Dush and Terra bring seamless professionalism, human warmth and a vast wisdom bank and circle of entrepreneurs. Side note: I always run my new ideas past them - because I know I'll get informed and honest feedback. True gems!”

- Adam Gilad, Emmy-Nominated Executive Producer, Co-Founder of The Higher Game, and Founder of The Bold Life Men's Mastery Circles

“My decade of experience collaborating with Terra and Dush has always been delightful, worthwhile and full of integrity and good intention.”

- Susan Bratton, CEO, Personal Life Media

"I have worked with a lot of marketing "EXPERTS" who turned out to be idea people not implementers. I have wasted thousands of dollars on the wrong team. Dush and Terra are the right team! What a breath of fresh air! They go above and beyond and know how to get the results you need inside of your budget! Their No bull approach to getting results you desire is refreshing and I respect it. Thank you for being committed to the results not just the process. I am looking forward to a longtime partnership creating win-win outcomes for both of us! "

- Susie Carder, Profit Coach and author of Power Your Profits

“Dush & Terra team is a gem! Knowledgeable, experienced and creative, they deliver superb results. However, what sets Dush & Terra apart is their kindness and depth of character. They are those special people who care and who make the world a better place."

- Olga Rickards, Author, Speaker, Coach to High Achievers