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Tune in to the Entrepreneur Effect and listen in as an entrepreneur tells their gripping story of failure, success, and lessons learned. You’ll see yourself in their emotions, get inspired by their passion and determination, and find out how to avoid the mistakes they regret.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ll love this podcast for the diversity of the stories it presents, while weaving a common thread through all entrepreneurial journeys.

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  • Host: Dush Ramachandran
  • Production Manager: Terra Ramachandran

Love Notes

If you are doing business on the web, you need to know Dush and Terra. Their connections and insights have been instrumental to the growth of our business.
Craig Clemens
Co-founder, Golden Hippo
My decade of experience collaborating with Terra and Dush has always been delightful, worthwhile and full of integrity and good intention.
Susan Bratton
CEO, Personal Life Media
My intention is to light 1,000 suns who can light another 1,000 suns. Dush and Terra are like a binary star system - they perfectly orbit each other but are two two distinct stars - both shining brightly to help make the business world a brighter place.
Yanik Silver
founder, Maverick1000